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        BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!
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        •         An anime music game, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, is an exciting game with simple controls! Tap to the rhythm of over 60 songs, including original game song...

        BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

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        An anime music game, “BanG Dream! G [详情]

        An anime music game, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, is an exciting game with simple controls! Tap to the rhythm of over 60 songs, including original game songs and covered versions of popular Japanese anime songs such as “Silhouette”, “Butter-Fly”, “Guren no Yumiya”, and “Soul's Refrain”. ** Google Play Best of 2017 - Grand Prize for Players' Choice Game and Attractive Game** in Japan Jam together with the 5 charismatic girl bands in the game! Featuring Poppin’Party and Roselia from the animation BanG Dream! and game original bands, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and Hello, Happy World! Features: ● Tap to the rhythm of over 60 songs ● Select from 4 levels for each song, EASY / NORMAL / HARD / EXPERT ● Play 1-player mode or with up to 4 other players and enjoy Japanese anime rhythm games ● Collect anime characters to form your original band, or to group them per the 5 official bands ● Train anime characters to improve their music performance ● Immerse in each band's exciting journey towards stardom through their individual band stories ● Interact with cute anime characters, and enjoy their rhythmical actions and conversations ● Discover and explore the town to peek the daily lives of the anime characters Recommended for people who enjoy: - Anime rhythm games - Popular anime games - Free anime games - Anime games for mobile phones - Free anime music games - Anime song covers - Anime music - Japanese anime music - Cute Japanese anime characters - Asian anime - Cute anime styled characters - Charming Anime Girl - Games with multiple difficulties to challenge yourself on - Rhythm games - Asian music - Global coop play - Asian rhythm games with deep gameplay - Putting on a live multiplayer show - Fun stories that unfold over time - Japanese anime - Japanese anime voice actors - Mp3 music player - Mp3 games - Tap anime music game - Rhythm games with simple controls - Losing yourself in the music and rhythm - Playing rhythm games with people all across the country - Live music Support: Visit https://bang-dream-gbp-en.bushiroad.com/faq/ for FAQ or contact us in game by going to Menu > Support. Follow for news and updates: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BanGDreamGBP/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/bangdreamgbp_en (@bangdreamgbp_en) Instagram: https://instagram.com/bangdreamgbp_en (@bangdreamgbp_en) YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPityslSknKsWUq9iy8p9fw Website: https://bang-dream-gbp-en.bushiroad.com/


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