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        Beauty Salon For Princess
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        •         Hear hear! A special ball is organized in our kingdom tonight. Our princess must shine and shimmer so download free newest Beauty Salon For Princess game right ...

        Beauty Salon For Princess

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        Hear hear! A special ball is organi [详情]

        Hear hear! A special ball is organized in our kingdom tonight. Our princess must shine and shimmer so download free newest Beauty Salon For Princess game right this moment! Make her the prettiest one and help her dress up and do her make-up! Maybe tonight she will meet her knight in shining armor so get her ready for the ball! But, first take her to top Spa Salon and help her relax before the grand night with the soothing massage. Win special facial treatment that will refresh and rejuvenate her skin. Discover other beauty parlors opened just for her highness and they will completely take your breath away. You will have the impression that you have stepped in the most romantic fairy tale of your childhood once you install latest Beauty Salon For Princess app on your phone or tablet. This is the best fashion game for girls and they will be enchanted when they start playing it. They will have three princesses at their disposal for makeover. Enjoy fun beauty salon with fashion makeup hair and pick stunning hairstyle for her royal highness. The doors of the Hair Salon are wide open. What are you waiting for? The time has come for you to provide the most beautiful princess with the amazing hair treatment. So grab your smartphone and enter the kingdom playing the newest Beauty Salon For Princess. You will be astonished with all the hair accessories but the ones that will take your breath away are the crowns. Scroll through them and pick the most exclusive one for her royal highness. Then take her to the top Makeup Salon where you can use the best quality cosmetic products. Apply foundation color that matches her skin tone, and then choose perfect lipstick and eye shadow to make princess even more beautiful. Make her eyelashes longer using the finest mascara. Have fun playing the best nail games for girls since the Nail Salon is now open. There you will have the chance to browse cool collection of the exclusive nail art designs and choose the one according to your liking for the princess. Then, scroll through the finest rings and select the appropriate one. The beauty complex will provide you with all the beauty parlors you need to make her royal highness even more glamorous. There is no time for second thoughts as the special ball will begin soon, so get rid of them now and install latest Beauty Salon For Princess on your phone or tablet. Features: - Three princesses to choose from - Various beauty salons - Stylish fashion accessories in each salon - Exclusive kingdom theme backgrounds The popular beauty complex is open today in our kingdom so take her royal highness there. The coolest Clothing Shop is open and you should visit it to choose the perfect evening gown for the princess. Scroll through the collection of fabulous dresses, shoes as well as purses until you find the one that suits her perfectly. Do not forget that special ball is held tonight in our kingdom and you are the one who have to make our princess shine and shimmer with complete makeover. The next stop for the two of you is the Jewelry Shop. There you can scroll through the finest earrings, bracelets as well as necklaces until you find the perfect ones matching the fashionable outfit. Once you accomplish this task her royal highness will be ready for the ball so take a photo of her in front of the castle and show it to your friends. Become part of this newest dress up fashion game and show your passion for fashion clothes and accessories right now. Download free popular Beauty Salon For Princess app and come back every day to win valuable rewards. How to play: - Choose one of the three princesses - Take her to spa salon and win a special facial treatment - Style her hair and do her makeup and nails - Go to clothing shop and pick the most fashionable clothes - Finally select finest pieces of jewelery for the top model - Now, she is ready for the special ball


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