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        Bowlout ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup Frenzy
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        •         ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is about to begin! Let's feel our nation’s voice. Game Play: Bowl-out is a free sports game for every cricket lover from a cricket ...

        Bowlout  ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup Frenzy

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        ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is about [详情]

        ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is about to begin! Let's feel our nation’s voice. Game Play: Bowl-out is a free sports game for every cricket lover from a cricket lover. It is an offline single player game, where your aim is to knock the stumps with a cricket ball. The aim of Bowl-Out is to get the highest score possible by hitting the stumps continuously. Bowl-Out offers users unique game play where one has to just touch, hold and swipe the ball to hit the stumps. Keep ‘em hitting!!! Bowl-out game features: - Unlimited fun - Smooth game controls - Hit the sticks more to beat your own score - Come back every day to collect daily rewards - Customize your cricket ball and vibrant stumps - Use your rewards to get bright-colored backgrounds - Buy in-game currency with minimum bucks - Share on Facebook to collect rewards and compare your score with fellow friends - Supported with social leader board - Live scoreboard of ICC Cricket World Cup Championship 2019 while playing this addictive game !! Why people have to play Bowl-out? Offline game - Enjoy our seasonal game launch of 2019 without spending your money. You can download and play Bowl-out anywhere, anytime for free. Make it simple - All you need to do is swipe the ball at a perfect angle to hit the stumps, and score more points. Attractive and clean design- You will feel like you are playing live in the cricket field. The subtle animations will make the user gripped to the cricket game. Addictive game play - Once you are in, you will never want to stop. You will like to see the ball hitting the sticks every time. Beat your score and compete with your friends. Social media sharing - Boast your score on Facebook and compete with your friends. Want to know more about Bowl-out? The current cricket game version does not represent the final quality of Bowl-out! : Icc Cricket World Cup 2019 Frenzy. The next version is getting ready with a multiplayer feature and incorporated. Bowl-Out cricket game offers users a unique game style by being a hyper-casual mobile game. It gives the user a wide variety of modes to play for a hyper-casual cricket game. Bowl out ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has a special feature where it allows you to compete with your friends and boast your high scores in social media and leader boards. Enjoy the custom made environments for the Cricket background, Cricket stumps, and the cricket ball. Bowl-out also offers the user to get the live ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 scores while playing the cricket game. The real day time is enabled to give the user the convenient setup he would prefer. This would make the cricket game background change its day time in real time. Enjoy the cricket vibe with the audience sound effect which will be based on the hit and miss the user makes. Can’t get live scores due to poor internet connection? Relax we will provide some exclusive and exciting cricket facts about the cricket world cup. Don't you have enough bails to buy exclusive cricket items? Do not worry, Bowl-out! : ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 gives daily rewards so that the players can come regularly and gain their rewards to buy exclusive cricket item in game. We also have a store where users can buy their bails for a very cheap price. Visit - Bowl-out Official Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/bowloutbydb/ Bowl-out Official Twitter Page - https://twitter.com/Bowloutbydb Bowl-out Official Instagram Page - https://www.instagram.com/bowloutbydb/ Bowl-out Official YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8jEaR5sKC2Ni3AOeQs2dg Happy stumping with Bowl-out! : ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Frenzy! Good luck!


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