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        Bubble Shooter Rescue
        手机游戏  尽在九游
        •         The best bubble shooter game. Burst and pop, save baby animals! Play now for free! Plan your every pop to rescue cube baby animals! Blast, match, and pop bubbl...

        Bubble Shooter Rescue

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        The best bubble shooter game. Burst [详情]

        The best bubble shooter game. Burst and pop, save baby animals! Play now for free! Plan your every pop to rescue cube baby animals! Blast, match, and pop bubbles to help beat evil spider. It is a combination of shooting games and match three games. With a simple gameplay, Bubble Shooter is a very interesting, super addictive and a great way to kill free time anytime, anywhere. Coming to the colorful bubble world you will be: - Train your brain and fingers. - Relax and relieve your stress. HOW TO PLAY: - You will see lots of bubbles on the screen and your mission is to break them all. - You will receive bubbles for each shot. - Aim for the exact target you want to destroy. - Touch the screen to pull the laser beam to create the path for the ball. - Remember to shoot to create a group of 3 bubbles of the same color or more to destroy them. - The more bubbles burst, the higher your score. - Try to score a very high score to achieve a 3-star rating. NOTE: - Create big explosions to receive special gifts, they will help your winning process. - Using fewer turns to complete the mission will help you easily improve the score. - Use your skills to plan carefully. - Bubble shooter is a game that can be played offline, you do not need internet. Bubble Shooter is a classic shooting game, the balloons are designed with colorful, subtle and fun levels. We are sure that once you try this ball shooting game you will not be able to stop. Bubble Shooter not only possesses a simple gameplay but also features outstanding features. FEATURE: - Thousands of interesting levels, ready to assign tasks to you at any time. - Suitable for all ages and all genders. - Completely free when downloading and playing. - No internet connection required, can be played both online and offline. - Smooth graphics, delicate interface. - Funny sounds, true and colorful images. - Easy to play bubble shooter, challenging to master. Bubble Shooter is a game that has similar controls with traditional classic bubble games. We guarantee this is a good puzzle game for you and your family. When playing Bubble Shooter you will notice: - Everything runs smoothly. - Bubble shooting game can be addictive so you can't stop playing. Together with your loved ones, focus on thinking about logic puzzles and solve them anytime, anywhere. Wish you have happy moments with your loved ones.


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