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        College Fun Dressup Fashion Crush
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        •         Live the college life in this college-themed salon and dress up game featuring a beautiful fashion girl with boys. we make the different type of level in Colle...

        College Fun Dressup Fashion Crush

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        Live the college life in this colle [详情]

        Live the college life in this college-themed salon and dress up game featuring a beautiful fashion girl with boys. we make the different type of level in College Fun Dressup Fashion Crush game we was added any types of girl spa and also boys spa. we were given a bueatifull view for makeup got girls. Learn beauty Skills from this star girl princess games. These star girl fashion designer princess games are different from spa games you only have to make up the model like a doll princess and dress up her like a princess fashion in pink makeup in dress up and make up princess games. Features of Levels given below: - Girl Back Spa - Girl Face Spa - Girl Hand Spa - Girl Leg Spa - Girl Makeup - Girl Dressup - Boy Back Spa - Boy Solon - Boy Face Spa - Boy Dress Up Cute Girl Makeup Salon Games: Fashion Makeover Spa Features: Awesome makeup level games for girls. Best of sweet baby girl games. Polish cleanup games for girls skills. Collection of awesome dresses of dress up games for girls. Specially for Indian makeup and dress up games. Rare of salon games for girls with levels. ## Salon Features ## ? Relaxing face and body spa with effective tools and masks perfect for glowing skin ? Face Spa to remove pimples and dark circles from bride’s face ? Apply charcoal and remove blackheads ? Good looking ornaments like necklaces, earrings, nose-rings, kalire, kamarbandh etc will add more charm to Indian bridal ? In Leg Spa salon, wax bride's legs and make them hair free ? Awesome Hand and Feet henna designs ? Bunch of glamorous makeup options which includes charming lipsticks, eye lenses, blushes, eyeshadows, unique hairstyles, bindi and more! ? Explore new College bridal designer styles and have fun with your bride in this bride simulation game ? Style her up by beautiful sarees and gorgeous looking jewelry Girl Makeup: without makeup, College is half The bride goes to the sub-parlor to get her 16 goldsmiths to help you get the bride's 16th Srinagar as well as the necklace Nose Ring Yar Ring Blush etc can do it all, so let's hope that in the bride's look, you can help him. Girl Dress up: Indian College girl wearing on her pent T-Shirt All the brides want to wear a cute dress at their College. .In the view, you will get a dress from which you can help the bride to choose a cute dress. Spa: Every Groom wants to become look like a gorgeous face at the College. and he goes to the parlor for apply to face spa and makeup and he looks like a gorgeous. Boy Dress Up: The servant is a perfect dress to Indian groom Every groom wants that she looks different on her College, for that she brings all the dresses, so you can help this bride to look different. Hope you enjoyed playing our Indian Wedding Royal Arranged Marriage Game and if you want more features for this game please leave a comment.


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