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        Confetti Drift - Zombie Pinata Smash Car Racing
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        •         The streets are filled with confetti filled pinata zombies. Go smash them with your car! You will have 30 seconds to mow down as many zombies as you can. Like ...

        Confetti Drift - Zombie Pinata Smash Car Racing

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        The streets are filled with confett [详情]

        The streets are filled with confetti filled pinata zombies. Go smash them with your car! You will have 30 seconds to mow down as many zombies as you can. Like a zombie demolition derby. For each zombie you run over you are awarded extra time. If you chain more than 5 zombie smashes in a combo you will gain even more time. More time to take down zombies. In this thrill filled smash fest: - Many different cars and vehicles to unlock. Even a tank! Nothing beats tank! - Many, many pixel pinata zombies to mow down with your car or other vehicle or craft of your choosing. - The confetti that you spill on the road stays there until you restart the app. It's like you're painting with confetti. - The confetti even sticks to the vehicles! - The way to a highscore is making combo smashes so you can drive around longer. The tracks found in this zombie destruction derby: THE HIGHWAY - No traffic jams here! Just undead zombie fodder THE PARKING LOT - One of the benefits of the apocalypse, plenty of parking space! THE AIRPORT - Zombies ate your luggage! Go get some revenge! The vehicles: TAXI Better not pick any of these guys up, I think they're dead. And you don't want to get that confetti on your backseat! POLICE CAR Everybody who's undead, put whatever limb you've got left up in the air! You're under arrest! SCHOOLBUS Always talking about brains, we gonna take these zombies to school! That'll teach them! SPORTS CAR These zombies need to go, fast! Crimson and clover, just run those zombies over! MUSCLE CAR Not just fast but also furious! Smash the confetti out of them! It's a Zombie Pinata Derby! MONSTER TRUCK Great to mow down zombies. Who's the monster now! FORKLIFT I raise you one stack of zombies. You don't see these every day on the highway. TANK! Because nothing beats tank! Speed isn't everything you need. AMBULANCE You can turn off the siren. Everybody who's walking here is dead. We only carry confetti. F1 RACING CAR This might be a little too fast. The zombies are bouncing off my windshield. T-REX Straight from the Jurassic era. Taking down zombies with this beast is like a walk in the park. ☆ Brand new power-ups to enhance you combo time! ? MACHINE GUNS What's deadlier and faster than a speeding bullet? A whole bunch of speeding bullets fired from a speeding car! ? RAPTOR PETS Those babies will follow you anywhere, ripping up zombies as they go. Until we add that flamethrower these are gonna be my personal favourite. ? SAW BLADES Mounted to the side of your vehicle. Slicing through everything you drive by. No more near misses with these rippers. ? MINES They will explode as soon as one of those brain dead walkers stumbles into them. Taking out every other zombie in the blast radius. Zero Flag brings you the best in zombie car games! Music by TeknoAXE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqsI5atn1U4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WYJ1Jh2kuI

        开发者:Zero Flag

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        Confetti Drift - Zombie Pinata Smash Car Racing游戏截图



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