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        •         Nowadays kids increasingly behave like their parents and gadgets became an important part of adults and kids life. So that’s not bad! After all, you can downl...


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        Nowadays kids increasingly behave l [详情]

        Nowadays kids increasingly behave like their parents and gadgets became an important part of adults and kids life. So that’s not bad! After all, you can download development games for boys and girls of all ages on your smartphone. Meanwhile parents can do their personal affairs so as then pay all their attention on kids! But in order to make it more safety and useful it must be limited in time! Game developers have created an amazing app for kids - Cute Dinosaurs for kids. It will be especially loved by kids who are interested in dinousaurs. In reality there are a set of games in this app where your child will face the colorful world of dinousaurs! It will help to learn colors, numbers and also it will provide an intellectual and creative development to your child. “Cute Dinosaurs for kids” App includes 48 logic puzzles and games which develop: 1. attention; 2. logic; 3. reaction; 4. memory; 5. fine motor skills; 6. English; 7. Colors and math skills. Kids will love the Dinosaur puzzle for sure as it is the largest puzzle – 48 pieces. “Cute Dinosaurs for kids” puzzles are different from pictures and difficulty levels. The puzzle-game excellently develops kid’s attention and helps in learning colors. The teaching of English in the game will be funny and easy as for kids and as for their parents. Vivid and cute dinosaurs will make kids enjoy their learnings. The Dinosaur puzzle positively influences memory and fine motor skills development. It will help kids to learn names of their favorites, play with them, develop their IQ and enjoy it. This App is absolutely adapted for small kids, their visual and emotional perception. It is time limited for being harmless and reduce overexertion. The interface and navigation are pretty simple. It can be easily handled even by small children. Kids will love and enjoy the game so parents may relax and recharge their minds to pay more attention to their children. Developing your kid’s skills with dinosaurs you encourage him, paying attention to his interests which promotes your family rallying. The “Cute Dinosaurs for kids” App was created specially for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. The app was tested, confirmed for its safety and effective. It is available for smartphones and pads. You can download it in Google Play or AppStore for free.


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