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        Kids Fun Racing Game 3D 2018
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        •         Welcome to the skid racing game 3d 2018.If you love car games then this is the best toddler driving game. Improve your driving skills on risky roads and smash y...

        Kids Fun Racing Game 3D 2018

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        Welcome to the skid racing game 3d [详情]

        Welcome to the skid racing game 3d 2018.If you love car games then this is the best toddler driving game. Improve your driving skills on risky roads and smash your rivals to become king of race. Its free kid’s car racing game that made for everyone. This addictive fun racing game contains different challenges; hurdles, crazy tracks to improve racing skills of child’s and teens. You can also review your whole ride at the end in this kids car game that’s helpful to boost your skills. You can choose game difficulty level This latest kid’s microcars game contains different play modes like free ride mode; quick play mode and career mode; In Free Ride mode you can ride kid’s vehicles to improve driving skills on different tracks. You can collect coins to unlock cars and different levels. In Time mode of game you can drive on different amazing tracks. If you are quick gateway racer then this is the best chasing game for you. In this specific mode of game, you need to reach to the finish point within given time facing different obstacles otherwise level will fail. In Career Mode you have to challenge number of opponent cars to get best position in end racing results. You need to collect coins as a task as well as contest the other cars. Coins will be given as reward at the successful completion of every level. We offer you the world Top car kids games for both boys and girls. Do not lemmatize your children’s by playing games on a laptop or desktop computers, because kids car games are suitable everywhere. The game like this is very helpful to entertain your kids with amazing sound quality, HD graphics, texturing, obstacles, ramps and child’s friendly buttons. How to play: Click the ‘left’, ‘right’ buttons to control the car. Boost your car nitro to increase your speed and beat the rival cars to win the race. Key Features: ? Smooth controls (Tilt , button , auto acceleration) ? multiple camera views ? multiple laps ? 5 amazing cars specially designed for kids ? multiple upgrade options (speed,acceleration,handling,nitro) ? Latest kids drift racing game. We would appreciate suggestions/feedback from you and we will update all our games on users demand if required.


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        Kids Fun Racing Game 3D 2018游戏截图



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