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        King Jewel Quest Blitz
        手机游戏  尽在九游
        •         Let's begin adventure in amazing jewel world.There are many crazy Gems puzzles that are created from beautiful Gems . It's an addictive game for everyone. Just ...

        King Jewel Quest Blitz

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        Let's begin adventure in amazing je [详情]

        Let's begin adventure in amazing jewel world.There are many crazy Gems puzzles that are created from beautiful Gems . It's an addictive game for everyone. Just swap and match three or more same gems to eliminate them, try to make more combos. Clear all level and all island map with 3 start every levels. Imagine you’re in pearl's king jewel quest blitz wonderland of magic jewels, where a miracle can happen with a legend. This amazing jewel treasure wonderland is full of diamonds that will blast like boom! Connect three in a row and crush the stars. You can stop dreaming about matching gems and become real charms stars! Swap gems in a line and solve the puzzle. Match magic jewels and create special boosters like an avalanche of charms in this cascade adventure game. There’s a miracle about to happen with all the magic jewels in pearl's wonderland. Can you swap gems in a line to solve the puzzle? Help the alchemist out in his medieval day job. Match 3 tiles or more in a row and crush various jeweled. Features : - Amazing stunning magical effects (such blast mania, lighting splash, boom explosion) - Easy and fun to start but a challenge to fully master - Boom pop: eliminate 9 jeweled around - Blast pop: eliminate all diamonds gems in one same line - Match 4 same jewel to create boom pop item - Match 5 or more bejewel to create a multicolour jeweled blitz - Time pop: destroy it to increase time for you - Jewel blitz: link it to any jeweled to eliminate all sapphires same type on puzzle map Gameplay & Obstacles: - White Rock:Can not fall down and match-3, but can be broken by bursting jeweled around it - Silver block: Can't be eliminated, but the jewel can drop - Chain:This tool can drop with the gems - Ice: The ice can't drop but can be eliminated - Crush to match three or more same jewel, frozen ice or petrified puzzles. - Breaking all obstacles fast as possible to get high score and three start. - Smash all obstacles of puzzle having a king-bejeweled blitz appearand move it to bottom to pass level King jewel quest blitz is one of the best free jewels games in which you'll find: High quality hd graphics, a fascinating story in a magic world, one of the Jewel games for your tablet or smartphone, lots of bonuses, bombs and other surprises, more combos, more extra time. Feast your eyes and ears on Gems , sharp high definition graphics and sounds. See gems sparkle, hear the crackle of blazing speed, and become immersed in the wondrous matching world of Gems !


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