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        Knife Hit Levels
        手机游戏  尽在九游
        •         BOSSES are rare and you can only fight them once, don't let them escape! THROW KNIFE TARGET HIT THE TARGET AND KILL THE TARGET: Throw the knives into the log...

        Knife Hit Levels

        类型: 休闲 



        BOSSES are rare and you can only fi [详情]

        BOSSES are rare and you can only fight them once, don't let them escape! THROW KNIFE TARGET HIT THE TARGET AND KILL THE TARGET: Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Cut the apples and unlock new knives. Pass all levels, you will decide when and where to stop. Be careful not to hit the knives or the tips. Time your actions, aim carefully and become the Ninja knife! Every 20 levels await you a ruthless BOSS, ready to make me lose; Every 10 levels the game automatically saves the checkpoint! Is the ultimate flying knife hit challenge where you must throw the knives ?? Impales the blade in the trunk! Go with a stab! Defeat the boss Hit the target! - Please! How to Play: Break wood and Knife up Pull the knife with a tap over the screen Careful not to touch the other swords Careful not to touch the obstacles Kill all the Bosses! Exceeds each level until you reach ** Buy new fabulous and colorful knives Turns like a helix Destroy the logs Buy fabulous knives Become the Master of the knives! Grind the apples! Give a stab! Features: Knife hit levels Easy to use Excellent graphics Share Facebook and Instagram Share so you can quickly share your experience with your friends .. Pleasant and realistic sounds. Free to use and Full HD and 4K graphics Amazing physics to perform the best trick flip shots, throw knives. A Simple game!! As throw bolinha ! Do you want to avoid knives like a professional? It is possible in this amazing knife hit levels game! Improve your skills and reaction just using your mobilie device. No danger but a lot of joy is waiting for you in one of the best Knife hit levels game. KNIFE HIT LEVELS awaits you! UPGRADE KNIFE HIT LEVELS TO NOW WITH THE CHALLENGE, DOWNLOAD IT PLEASE, THANK. Stampede hit! Also known as in other countries: lancio coltelli, golpe de cuchillo, coup de couteau, удар ножом. Inspired by the famous game and intriguing The battle against the knives starts now! Throwing knife ! Insert the knife Flip knife - Blade Knife - Axe Hit - Blade Hit Knife Rush - Hitting Knife - Breackable Hel - New knife Rainbow Axe throw - Hitting Boss - Hit boss !!! Check the dashboard of the knife Launch the knives!! Defeat the boss THANKS FOR THE DOWNLOAD! THE BEST BLADE KNIFE !


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        Knife Hit Levels游戏截图



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