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        Magic Castle Piano Tiles Rhythm Music Games
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        •         Become a real tap musician, play the perfect music notes on the magic piano, and earn more stars than your friends in the new and completely free rhythm game M...

        Magic Castle Piano Tiles  Rhythm Music Games

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        Become a real tap musician, play th [详情]

        Become a real tap musician, play the perfect music notes on the magic piano, and earn more stars than your friends in the new and completely free rhythm game Magic Castle Piano Tiles ! Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, stood an enchanted castle. The magic spell cast on the palace attracted princes and princesses from all over the world to its magical ballroom, where they danced and danced without ever getting tired. But to dance, they need music! And that's why they need you. Yes, you! Sit down at the magic piano and choose from hundreds of songs to play for your new royal friends. Every night is a magical night in the Magic Castle! Game features: ? Lots of beautiful music and songs Ode to Joy, Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise; with over 180 songs by famous classical musicians, there is a little something in the songbook for everyone! ? Quick and challenging fun Tap rhythm games are perfect for when you have a little time to kill. Play a quick song during your break, or snuggle up for a whole evening of relaxing music game fun! ? A magic fairy tale Let the beautiful music bring you into a fairy tale. In Magic Castle, every magic piano tile is a prince or princess! Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White - all of them can help you make your piano sing! New princess are always visiting, so look forward to your favorites! ? Fun for kids and adults With songs ranging from easy to lightning-fast, this music game is fun for the whole family! Test your high speeds tap skills, challenge your family or friends and see who is the real piano master! ? High speed challenge Think it's too easy to just tap a few notes? Think again! For the masterful players that need an extra challenge, play in fast mode for more tile tapping piano fun! ? Easy and comfortable to play Whether it's kids with small hands or adults playing with their thumb, Magic Castle Piano Tiles was made to be comfortable for anyone! Using big tiles as well as smaller ones to tap notes makes the game more exciting but also much more easy to play. ? Download fast and play offline Unlike some other free magic piano tiles games, Magic Castle is easy on your data and doesn't need a lot of room on your phone. Plus, you can play your songs even without an internet connection using offline mode! ? The Princess Songbook Chopin, Bach, Beethoven - you name it! All of the best and most famous classic musicians are in the game, and their famous melody and notes are yours to play! ? Musical updates The songs you can play on the magic piano tiles are always being updated and added. The princess songbook is always getting bigger, so don't forget to practice!


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