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        NinjaGirl : Ultimate Ninja Survival War
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        •         NinjaGirl : Ultimate Ninja Survival War Get ready for the real thrilling ultimate ninja survival war & be the part of the 3D fighting war to defend your kingdo...

        NinjaGirl : Ultimate Ninja Survival War

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        NinjaGirl : Ultimate Ninja Survival [详情]

        NinjaGirl : Ultimate Ninja Survival War Get ready for the real thrilling ultimate ninja survival war & be the part of the 3D fighting war to defend your kingdom! ◎Game Intro◎ Experience the most addictive ninja survival and action game 2018 which is the best ninja fighter City War Hunter of enemy ninja survival game. Now, this is the time to take revenge from monster hero with a ninja girl, so get ready for clash of superhero ninja warrior with castle knights and ninja shadow archery survival skills to complete rescue mission of innocent New York citizen. As a superhero girl ninja Assassin shadow warrior win the battle against the bad bugs, thugs, gangsters and monsters evil. Start slashing enemies with your samurai sword in this Ultimate ninja Survival game and girl ninja warrior skills to save the peaceful NY city. Experience the most addictive and amazing girl ninja survival hero game of 2018 like Ninja War shadow Hero archery survivor and survive the most dangerous survival mission to become super girl ninja hero. Don’t let the US city police know your plans. Be brave enough to take vigorous action against your rivals. Crush your enemies with your angry ninja agility attacks and extremely fast moves. Be fast, stealthy, and deadly to sneak up on enemy warriors and kill them all with your strong hits. Gear up with lethal weapons, samurai sword, Shuriken and all for epic revenge. Humiliate demon and agree bosses with your master Kung fu skills. Kill them all with fatal strong blow of your sword blade in this Ultimate Ninja girl Survival. You are fully train from the survival school of martial arts, already trained that how to fight with enemies. You are the lord of fight war, use your samurai sword , fight like ninja army soldier with enemies in this Ultimate Ninja Survival War game 2018. City mafia criminals gangsters in Vegas or Miami and bad guys are increasing the crime rate day by day so play the role of Chen Yu to fight the battle against criminals. Secret and amazing missions involves using different combos of ninja fighting with various weapons, undercover attacks and sneaking inside the territory in stealth mode. Ninja girl survival ultimate game is a modern combat fighting kung fu fatal ninja game which is full of action packed and ninja fighting skills. Ruin your enemies’ missions before they try to shoot you or kill you. Enter the most realistic world of survival battle and win the war. Fight like a daredevil ninja commando to catch real killers. Become bold and courageous New York city ninja survival hero with an entire mafia gangsters. Kill them as a combat hero. Enjoy this fun addictive game like a true fighter legend boss. Fight like a metal solider using your sharpen samurai ninja assassin sword. Be the superhero warrior escape ninja archery survivor and take epic revenge from the enemies with your shuriken, samurai sword, arrows, bow and using martial art fighting skills. As real superhero, fight like ninja warrior and free your country from the hands of criminals and breakdown the prison to save innocent people. This breaks the agreements for peace between the two clans and they come face to face in an upcoming fight of martial arts, kung fu and other ancient fight styles and art. Use swords and super fighting skills in this ninja girl survival clan. Uncover the real culprit behind such criminal scene. In this escape adventure archery survival game lots of challenges waiting to check your war survival and ninja samurai fighting skills. Show your stealth infiltration skills like a spy to your enemies. Sneak up enemy ninjas with stealth techniques, soldiers are well-armed avoid making any noise. Take aim with your bow and throw arrow to kill your enemies from long range. Only the ninja survival superheroes will won this epic throne battle game so prepare yourself as a superhero ninja warriors for this Ultimate Ninja Survival War 3D Free game.


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