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        School Bus Game Pro
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        •         School begins again, hoping everyone had a great holiday, as a school bus driver your work is starting as well. The students are waiting for their school bus t...

        School Bus Game Pro

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        School begins again, hoping everyon [详情]

        School begins again, hoping everyone had a great holiday, as a school bus driver your work is starting as well. The students are waiting for their school bus to transport them to and from school. And also there are many new school buses (the famous yellow school buses) are waiting for the driver. As a school bus driver, your job is to transport students/kids to school or send them home in this School Bus Game Pro. So safe driving is very important because it takes into consideration the lives of students and other people. Let us fasten the safety belt and start the school bus engine to start picking up students. We believe your good driving skills will protect the students/kids safety and send them to their destination on time. Remember, don’t be late, you need to take students/kids to school before the bell rings. There are two modes (Career Mode & Casual Mode) in the first version of this School Bus Game Pro. In Career Mode, you’ll experience 40 different levels with well-designed gameplay, storylines and animations. To transport students home or to school on time and win the 3-star rewards. Each star will be given 1k-cash rewards. And also you can multiply the earnings through watching some video game trailers. Try your best to win stars as possible as you can, and then you’ll get enough cash to unlock the nice school buses. Can you unlock and collect all the school buses? In the school bus garage, you can customize and decorate your buses (paint, rims, upgrade and vinyls) as you wish. Casual Mode, when you don’t want to play school bus career mode, it’s time to try this school bus casual mode which is an open-world mode. You don’t need to do any missions in casual mode. You can drive your favorite school bus to cruise in the modern fantastic city with 24hrs and weather features. But please pay attention to the amount of gas in your school bus. Lastly, we won’t stop improving and updating this School Bus Game Pro. So we will make new mode, gameplay and functions for School Bus Game Pro when we get some ideas. And also please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback. ??SCHOOL BUS GAME PRO FEATURES?? ★Realistic school bus simulation; ★Realistic physics and gameplay; ★Easy controls like tilt, buttons or steering wheel; ★Detailed bus interiors; ★Different camera views; ★Smooth and realistic bus handling; ★Detailed and realistic environment; ★Fantastic 3D graphics; ★Beautiful school bus models; ★Abundant customizations; ★40 different levels in career mode; ★Casual mode; ★Spin & Win game; ★Digital Goods: currency packs, remove ads, unlock all school buses, unlock levels; ?NOTE: School Bus Game Pro is a free school bus game and supported by Ad.

        开发者:Yojoy Games

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