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        Ultra Roulette FREE Casino
        手机游戏  尽在九游
        •         Have you ever placed a bet on number 37 in Roulette? Now you can, and win even more! * Taking Roulette to a higher level * No Ads, no notifications, minimal ...

        Ultra Roulette  FREE Casino

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        Have you ever placed a bet on numbe [详情]

        Have you ever placed a bet on number 37 in Roulette? Now you can, and win even more! * Taking Roulette to a higher level * No Ads, no notifications, minimal access, FREE. * Local Multiplayer (true social gaming) * European, American, French, Multi-ball, Geek or Custom Roulette tables * Design your own table: change number of balls, rows, columns and zeroes * 3600 possible table configurations in Custom mode * Return rate up to 99.5%, vs European 97.3% and American 94.7% * Table bet limits: 5, 500, 10 000, 100 000 up to Unlimited * Ultra-HD 4K supported graphics and animations * Offline playing * FREE play and lots of FREE Bonus * First bonus in 30 seconds, progressive to max 12 hours * Time bonus amount doubled at each purchase * Progressive time bonus reset to 30 seconds at any purchase * Max possible win amount over Vigintillion credits * Tap screen to speed up animation (optional) * Ball spin time can be changed * Ball spin turns can be changed * Bet summary information with win chance * Bar-chart and on-wheel statistics * On-table pie statistics include side bet areas * Atlantic City rules (optional) * Ball results displayed on wheel (optional) * Music and sound effects volume control * Background music, individual for each table * Zoom in table when betting * Double all placed bets button in re-bet menu * Random bet button in re-bet menu * Full history in multi-column view * Chip color can be changed in multiplayer mode * Atlantic city rule apply to all tables if enabled. Called "Le Partage" in UK. * Virtual currency symbols: Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, Bitcoin, kr * Leader board, Achievements. Show off your high scores. * Auto-spin * Auto-spin can increase speed up to 2 000 times * Martingale strategy available in auto-spin * 1 000 last spins can be viewed * Best app to test strategies * Link to Facebook page for comments * Win chance column added to pay table * Download size less than 3 MB (most others >10 MB) Experience ULTRA ROULETTE, a virtual Roulette game for Android. Taking Roulette to the next level. You can win more on a single bet in ULTRA ROULETTE than other Roulette games. Multi-ball: play with 4 balls in one spin. Local multiplayer: Up to 4 players, play on one smartphone or tab, true social gaming. Geek table: Bet on all prime numbers, Fibonacci sequence or more. Extended table: Win up to 71 to 1 on a single bet. Micro table: Higher chance to win on a single bet. Custom table: Define your own ball count, zeroes, rows, columns, win up to 119 to 1 on a single bet. The total number of possible table configurations is 3 600. Table combination count is the product of the following options: Geek mode on/off, 1-5 Zeroes, 5 column options, 6 different rows options, 6 ball count options, French style on/off. Help page with pay table for each table mode and FAQ. Last numbers displayed on the screen. Click history bar to see pie-statistics directly on table or full history. For amusement only. No real money can be won. Purchase is stored on device and cannot be transferred or restored if lost. Purchase cannot be refunded.


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