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        Unblock the Automobile brain puzzle
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        •         Challenge your brain-cells in this fun car parking/car exiting puzzle game. Unblock the path and drive/guide the car toward the exit! Overview The game is se...

        Unblock the Automobile  brain puzzle

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        Challenge your brain-cells in this [详情]

        Challenge your brain-cells in this fun car parking/car exiting puzzle game. Unblock the path and drive/guide the car toward the exit! Overview The game is set in a board representing a busy parking lot. The red sports car is parked and trapped in the middle of the parking lot (a very messy and unruly parking lot where people seem to be parking in as they please). Move the cars by swiping them. Think of it as if you're playing the valet attendant who can move cars to clear the path to the exit. Tap and drag the cars to move them horizontally or vertically. You can't turn the car however! You can only move them up, down, left or right. The goal of the game is to drag and drive the red red car to the exit. It's rush hour and you need to drive the car quickly, off for a holiday trip! While the description may sound easy, and while the first few levels are easy (to introduce players to the game mechanics), the difficulty level gradually increases with more and more cars blocking the way to the exit and longer moves required to "free" the blocked car. There are even trucks and buses, making the lot even messier and the puzzles more challenging. The fewer moves you make, the higher number of stars you will earn. Many of the levels are re-playable since it's very likely that you won't solve the game with the fewest number of moves possible, at least not the first time you play the level. Try to think ahead and examine the cars formation before making a move. Weigh the moves and see if the number of moves can be reduced. As you replay a puzzle you might find shorter amount of moves to free the car. Will pushing this bus free the space for that truck? Will backing up this or that car lead to shorter paths to victory? Many possibilities, but only few lead to the optimal moves. Summary of Features This is an "unblock" type puzzles with car/automobile theme. Instead of unblocking tiles, you'll be unblocking fancy cars. Easy drag and drop tiles. Hundred of levels, varying grid (parking lot) sizes. Beautiful exotic cars graphics. Variety of colorful automobiles: sports cars, trucks, luxury cars and more. Intuitive user interface. Simply drag and slide cars vertically or horizontally to move them. Multiple difficulty levels. Climb up the levels and unlock cars as you beat more puzzles. Hours and hours of challenging puzzle activity. Earn stars-rating based on your performance. Replay the game to get the maximum 3 stars. Can you get 3 stars on all the levels? Most of the levels are short enough to play during breaks, while waiting for appointments, or for quick challenging game-play. The screen and game layout are designed and optimized with mobile phone screen sizes in mind.


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        Unblock the Automobile brain puzzle游戏截图



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