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        US Ice Hockey Stars Tournament 2018
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        •         Experience the latest and greatest Ice hockey game on mobile. Take your national team to the ice and win GOLD in Winter sports Game. GAME MODES: US Ice Hockey...

        US Ice Hockey Stars Tournament 2018

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        Experience the latest and greatest [详情]

        Experience the latest and greatest Ice hockey game on mobile. Take your national team to the ice and win GOLD in Winter sports Game. GAME MODES: US Ice Hockey Stars tournament game has 4 different modes in it you can play your desire Mode. ? Single player ? Multiplayer ? Tournament ? Penalty kick TEAMS: Pick your hockey team and smash the RIVALS SERIES, claim the PLAYOFFS cup or take intense competition to a new level. Glow hockey stadiums to be crowned the Outdoor Series Champions. You can also make team with your friend and live a best moment of winning with your friends. TOURNAMENT: Play a tournament In international competitions, teams of different countries. You can also play (the "Big Six") predominate: Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, Sweden and The United State. Win a medal awarded all-time in competition at the Olympics, medals will be awarded to one of the winning countries team. Practice the ice hockey and win the annual Ice hockey championship. Be a part of national hockey league. TOUCH CONTROLS Play the US Ice Hockey Stars Tournament game with touch controls. Control the player with touch controls to hit the puck smooth easy feel the awesomeness of taking shots. Control your team with touch screen controls and feeling all the big hits, goals and more! ENJOY A REAL GAME EXPERIENCE With stunning visual effects, your game will come to life as you immerse yourself in the exhilarating game-day atmosphere. The crowd go wild in stunning arenas and relish incredible game play with loose puck pickup, goalie vision & positioning that deliver a fast paced and authentic ice hockey experience. So, whether you're a fan of NHL, KHL or just a fan of Hockey in general, this is the game for you. COMPETE FOR GLORY: Win prizes in tournaments or compete in single player seasons as your favorite team. Then put your winnings to use by unlocking new teams and tournament upgrades. SPECTACULAR NEXT-GEN EXPERIENCE: Hyper-realistic graphics and heart pounding multiplayer action turn you into a superstar. MAKE CROWD GOES WILD: Make your fan crown go wild with your stunning shots and goals. If you are a Ice Hockey Lover Limit your search now This game is for you.


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