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        us Rstaurat Craz Jaas Cf Ckg Gam
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        •         Welcome to sushi restaurant craze game a time management based sushi match and sushi cooking games. Do you want to be the world’s best chef? Well first you need...

        us Rstaurat Craz Jaas Cf Ckg Gam

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        Welcome to sushi restaurant craze g [详情]

        Welcome to sushi restaurant craze game a time management based sushi match and sushi cooking games. Do you want to be the world’s best chef? Well first you need to learn how to make world food. Oh! The sushi restaurant craze is opening a new sushi maker shop in your town where multiple sushi chef are required to show their sushi master skills. This virtual restaurant is very popular for its yummy gourmet food around the world. Join the sushi dojo and accept the time management food serving challenge on go. Sushi restaurant craze have big sushi cookbook menu. It’s includes 5 types of Japanese sushi and other cuisine. Crazy sushi chef get in the kitchen and starts taking orders from customers rushing in the sushi shop. Cook, bake and do super sushi merger to introduce new type of sushi dishes and recipes. Starts cooking Maguro sushi, shake sushi, Saba sushi, Unagi sushi and Ika sushi with secret recipes and ingredients. Be the best go sushi maker to become the head cooking chef in the kitchen. Peak time is going to start and you need to work fast with best management. A lot of customers are coming in rush to satisfy their sushi fever. Don’t scramble, just dash to sushi bar and start cooking sushi maker process. Take orders from cookbook menu and match the orders for sushi making. Keep the time management in mind as you don’t want to lose customers. Serve fast and as per sushi demand and deliver order on conveyor belt. Tofu! This is sushi games 2019 is the best cooking games for girls. In this sushi games you will be challenged with sushi match, sushi merger and sushi maker fun play. Sushi Restaurant Craze Features: - Cooking most popular Maguro sushi with tuna fish. - Shake sushi go with salmon fish layer and rice. - Saba Japanese sushi with special ingredients of Mackerel fish & boiled rice. - Unagi sushi maker with Eel fish recipes. - Ika sushi cooking with squid. - Learn how to roll sushi in my shop. - Time management based game play with exciting manager challenges. - Serve customers in time collect tips and coins to unlock new dishes. - Learn supply management of store food chain to keep stocks full. - Best sushi games 2019.


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